Some Creative Date Ideas You Should Try

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Are you bored of the regular, typical dates, where you take a girl to a café or a restaurant, you concentrate on eating and drinking, and eventually you run out of things to say in the boring environment?

Yes, a café or a restaurant are good-enough defaults – although I personally suggest going out to a silent bar, where the alcohol will do its job too. But if you want to be unique and creative, with a first date that your girl will remember for a long time, then you should consider some other options.

In this post I will give you some creative and great alternatives to the typical dates. They are good for first dates, as well as in your further meetings.

Wine and Cookies

You must have seen this type of dates in romantic movies. A guy and a girl sit together, watch the moon, listen to the voices of the trees and nature around them, and talk about love and romance.

You don’t need to live in a farm to arrange such a date. First, what you need to get is a bottle of wine, a few glasses and some cookies or other snacks.

This kind of a date is perfect for the warm seasons. Walk together to the beach, park, lake, river or any other open and “natural” place.

Sit together, drink some wine – and you got yourself a piece of romance. And it’s even cheaper than going to a bar.


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Going Shopping

A great way to start a date, even if it’s a first date, is to do some activity together. Especially if you are not very good at developing conversations with women, shopping together is a great idea.

It will create the opportunity for many talking ideas, and you will easy get physical – touching each other, checking how the clothes fit.

I would suggest to begin shopping (you are not supposed to really buy anything, just do something together), and afterwards continue to the next part of your date – you can go to a café or bar.

Jogging Together

Another great activity that you could do together is to do some light sports together – jogging can be fine.

Jogging will help you getting rid of any anxieties you might have, and will get you quickly close together.

Before a first date – and this is common especially for women – you might spend hours to choose what to wear. If you’re going jogging, it’s way easier to choose.

Like in shopping together, you can continue to another place, and grab a drink together.

Playing Pool

There are various social games that are great for a first date. These include playing pool, bowling, video games and others.

This kind of activity is great because you’re playing against each other. It will allow you great opportunities for teasing and making fun of each other – in a positive way.

Make Her Cook for You

This kind of date is for the advanced. It depends on the amount of attraction and comfort between you.

It doesn’t have in to involve having sex afterwards (although it can be a good option).

Women might sometimes feel uncomfortable going on a date at your place, but when it’s you visiting her, the picture is different.

Ask her to cook dinner for you. You could bring some wine and dessert. This kind of a date really opens up the relationship and creates trust and rapport.

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