Course syllabus

Welcome to the course Basic Animal Breeding and Genetics. This course is an introduction to genetics and breeding of domestic animals. Students that are registered on the course will get access to all information in Canvas, others can only see this page.

If you are admitted to the course you will need to do the following:

  • -Register for the course at Ladok Student (you find the link on the Student Webb) no later than January 18th
  • You will then be invited to participate in this room.
  • To participate you have to access the room through the Canvas symbol on the Student Webb

If you have any questions, contact the course administrator at 

This course is based on the principle with flipped classroom where the students first should read the literature and watch recorded lectures and demonstrations and after that interact with the teacher. There is fewer lectures than in many other courses at our department but instead the teacher time is allocated to a scheduled time for questions and discussion in zoom every second week and written discussion here in Canvas. Teachers will check the discussion treads in Canvas at least twice a week, but probably more often several of the weeks. Students are also encouraged to try to answer questions from other students in the discussion in Canvas. Anna M Johansson will be responsible teacher for most of the course, but during end of March until beginning of May, Sreten Andonov will be the teacher in the scheduled zoom meetings and also have main responsibility for the discussion treads in Canvas. Here is a link to the schedule where you can see when you are expected to work with which chapters in the book, and when the scheduled meetings in zoom are taking place. There is also a quiz here in Canvas for each chapter so that you can check your knowledge. The quizzes can be done multiple times and does not affect your grade on the course.

In order to understand some aspects of genetics and breeding it is good to do some calculations. Here you can find exercises and in the end of the file are the correct answers.

The examination will be in the form of a written exam on June 3. The written exam will take place in Uppsala and Alnarp, but it might be possible to write it also in other places (contact the course leader if you want to do that). There are four voluntary assignments that can give 2 bonus points each that will be added to the result of the written exam. Students will also get 2 bonus points if they contribute in the discussions in Canvas and answer questions from other students in a correct way at least twice. Thus, the maximum number of bonus points is 10.

Course summary:

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